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Volume One
Chapter One

Motel Party "Sexy Stripper Cop"

I am out on the road...running very low on gas, at last I spy a gas station and pull over for a fill up.  Luckily the gas station right next to the address where I had to do my show at the motel.  I went in to pay for the gas and got myself some water for the night.  I was trying to get into character for my performance...I went into the restroom to change into my sexy cop costume so that I could show up at the door ready to breakup the noisy motel party.   The bachelor-man-of-honor has no idea that I am coming....just a surprise the Best Man ordered for the groom from San Jose Stripper  When I showed up I was so excited and eager to perform all of my new dance moves that I learned in the dance studio this week.  Just then when I Showed up, I arrested the groom and handcuffed  him and gave him his rights....''book him Dano."  We were doing a motel party so we were very quiet so as not to disturb anyone.  The groom was a little out ragged until I whipped off my uniform and put him in a chair.  I put the spotlight right on his face, and I started to dance.  His mouth flew open and the gig was up.  He looked at the Best Man and gave a little protest, but, when he seen me put a scarf around his neck to whip it around and down...he became very amused and excited.  I pulled him out of the chair and place him up against the wall, and frisked him....he could not believe this was happening to him.  He was enjoying every moment, and so were his friends as they started to laugh and call out to him making him realized that the gig was up.  He gave a laugh and the music began to play...and I swung him around and placed him back into the chair.  What was to happen next will leave to your imagination...but if you want to experience this type of event give San Jose Stripper Anytime a call....San Jose Strippers Anytime is strictly dancing and gyrating.
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